Savolax. Your holiday in Sweden.

About Savolax and about us

Welcome to a land of woods and lakes Värmland, in Savolax. In the 17th century, this land was depopulated after many battles and that’s why government invited settlers from Finland. You can still find several original buildings from this era in open-air museums around this area. The very first homestead here in Savolax was built by one named Magnus and some pictures of him have been preserved to this day. Savolax in Swedish means Savonia, a land in Finland, from where Magnus´ family came. They were farmers, excellent fishermen, hunters, and makers of wooden masterpieces.

Värmland is a natural gem; wooded land is covered with 10.000 lakes and the longest river in Sweden , Klara, flows into the biggest lake of the western Europe, Vänern (just imagine, it has over 22.000 islands). This place is rightly called the most picturesque spot of Sweden. It inspired many painters and writers, such as Erik Geijer, Gustaf Froding and the Nobel prize winner Selma Lagerlof, famous for her book about Nils Holgersson’s travels around Sweden.

Savolax is located amidst the mixed forests only 10 kilometres from Norwegian border, next to the lake Tvällen. Sweden has grown on us after many visits no wonder we bought Savolax camp in 2014 and moved  from Slovakia here in summer months.

We speak Slovak, English, little Swedish and Russian. We are looking forward to welcome you as our guests.

Directly in the area are kilometres of marked hiking trails and interpretive walks. It is easy to combine hiking with a visit to an open-air museum. There is also a beaver and moose safari nearby. You can rent bicycles or try fishing, next to the summer houses are lakes with pikes, perches, eel and other white fish. We sell fishing licenses and equipment. We also borrow boats and canoe for free. Engines are rented, but we encourage our guests to enjoy calm and serenity without the engine. You can perform culinary art in a grill house, or another grill is located at the lake. Here you can also relax, sunbath, swim… or visit a restaurant in the neighbourhood where chef Lasse once hosted even the Swedish king! Forest fruits – yet another treasure of the surrounding nature: mushrooms, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries…

There is beautiful botanical-sculptural park in Sunne or museum of art and an exposition of valuable antique cars in Arvika. We strongly recommend Finnish settlement museum visit in Lekvattnet.  For all the book lovers, Selma Lagerlof was born just around the corner, in Morbacka where one can take a walk in the garden and enjoy all the beautiful flowers, aromatic plants and fruit trees. In a nearby town of Torsby there is a cross-country skiing tunnel opened all year long. Within an hour drive you can find golf courses. Norwegian capital Oslo can be visited as an easy day trip.

Paradoxically, data technology did not avoid this wilderness – the camp is connected to an optical cable providing an internet connection possibly faster than the one in your own home, included in the price.