Savolax. Your holiday in Sweden.



Only a 5 minute walk from the Camp is the lake Tvällen, which has approximately 100 acres. In the surrounding area (up to about 15 kilometres) there are many more lakes, some smaller, but some large with almost a thousand acres. We sell fishing licenses for this area, which are included in the price when you stay for one week or longer. These lakes are the main territory of predators – especially pike and perch. Of interest is also the occurrence of big eel. Since August 2014 when we took over the management, the biggest pike (98cm) and the biggest perch (49cm) were caught by our Polish guests in the nearby lakes. However, we know of about even a bigger pike caught in our lakes, which had over 110 cm. There is a trout lake nearby although you will need an extra fishing license (100SEK/day) to fish there. It is filled with hundreds of 2kg rainbow trout every year. One of our guests from Germany, and it was a woman, caught there a rainbow trout weighing 4,4kg in August. Either way, catches of 40-50cm trout are common. The best ways to catch are spinning with in-line and spoon spinners, wobblers or soft and rubber lures. Fishing with bait fish was not really successful in the last season and is not actually popular among Swedish fishermen but if they do so then typically in winter on frozen lakes. As a live bait you can use perch, rudd or many other types of white fish available here.

Typical river areas for fly fishing are practically non-existent around here, but we have seen fly-fishermen trying to catch pikes with big streamers. It is a quite common and successful way of fishing; you can find many videos on Youtube from Sweden. Anyway, there are plenty of smaller streams flowing between the lakes where we caught several brown trout with in-line spinner. Unfortunately, surrounding vegetation disables fly fishing.

There is no size limit set for fish; you can fish all year long and the amount of fish you catch is not limited (besides the trout area). Welcome are especially the catch & release fans, those who prefer the beautiful experience rather than a freezer full of fish. Of course we don’t mind if you keep reasonable amount of the catch. We own two motor boats on nearby lakes and 2-3 more on the bigger lakes, where guests can transport the motor to use. We wish all the fishermen unforgettable times!



The best way how to explore beautiful nature of Sweden and local cultural monuments is to take a trip with bikes or on foot. An interesting experience is to take the “Path of seven farms” (7 torpsleden), which goes from Lekvattnet and follows the original trail of Finnish settlers. It takes 2.5 hours and is moderately difficult. During your trip you will cross the Norway-Sweden border, two of the farms are on the Norwegian side. Those trails were used as an escape route to Sweden during WWII. More info about the trails and maps can be found here.


Settlement Ritamäki is one of the farms that is best preserved. They will offer you a simple refreshment in the summer – coffee and awesome, freshly baked waffles. There are many other settlements nearby as well, for example Kvarntorp or Purala. All details are on the page of the museum in Lekvattnet.



There are many great places around this area suitable for a boat or canoe, as a day trip or a trip lasting several days. On lakes Tvällen and Kymmen or nearby rivers there are many possibilities to spend lovely time. There is access on our lake Tvällen for swimming.


Sweden is full of tasty wild berries. Residents venture to the forest in the middle of summer, so they can fill their baskets. Probably the most favourite are blueberries that grow almost everywhere. Pancakes or waffles with whipped cream and jam are the favourite. Even more common on the Swedish table is cranberry jam. The jam is usually served as a complement to meats or with ice cream and even cheesecake. Many more fantastic fruits grow in our forest, for example arctic blackberries, wild raspberries, strawberries and rare cloudberries. If you visit Sweden in August or September, you should definitely try them! For easy and comfortable collecting we can lend you harvesting rakes. Once there is a really good weather, mushrooms grow everywhere and before you know it your basket is filled with summer cep, birch bolete or chanterelles.